Friday, October 1, 2010

"Our Saint"

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Zure Botoa
(Hooverflag, 2000)

Solbakken burst forth from the rotting corpse of Lul in the late 90's. That makes 'em sound like a goregrind band, huh?


Actually, Lul is Dutch slang for penis. After four pretty darn excellent albums (Inside Little Oral Annie, Autolocation, Hail the Frisians Free, and Bless Their Tiny Sums), Penis Lul decided to rechristen themselves Solbakken and dial back on the more metallic elements of their sound, in favor of a more emotional approach.

Today's Jukebox selection is the lead track from their third album, which was also my favorite album of 2000. In fact, their fourth album, Klonapet, was my favorite of 2002.

NOTE: "Solbakken" is allegedly a god of recycling or something, and their CD packaging was all made from recycled materials. Well, all but their final release, which utilized standard jewel case technology. Then again, music for Lost consisted of old material (recycled!) and new stuff written specifically for the stage play Lost.

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