Thursday, September 30, 2010

"Drink Beer Till It Hurts"

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What You See Here, Hear Here, Say Here, Stays Here When You Leave Here
12" EP
(self-released, 1986)

All I've been able to find out about this record is the band was from Toronto, where a hooker asked me if I wanted a "date" when I was 20. I politely declined.

Regardless, it's a cool record. I think we got copies at my college radio station, and I took one of the extras home (there were advantages to being a music director).

3 biased opinions:

Anonymous said...

The singer, Oxtart Marphologna, and the guitarist, The Cursed Gerald, went on to form Mr.Science, with great tunes such as "Why doesn't the world just fuck off?" and albums such as "The hand that made the Kingdom come". Noted for opening for Suicide at The Silver Dollar where Marpho jumped off stage onto a table occupied by heckling skinheads. Not great when you are wearing next to nothing and strange head-gear!
A later, country-tinged side project called "Brown Lightning" was pretty great.

Biki Honko said...

I think the hooker would have been a better deal for your money!

Unknown said...

Groupoem's 'Hammers' is another great tune, but you'll be mighty lucky if you can find it. Sample lyrics: Well, Hammer's taken to communicate, he says, "Hoist me high, brother, and we'll squash some bad heads." Not yet, brother Hammer. Then to Sickle I says, "Suuuure, I admire your work with Death to the point where presumptions curve, but to pair you up with Comrade Hammer's the type of stigma'll stand folks off 'round here." ... Down you'll fall, and all the better, Decisive Action, your time's arrived. Hammer do your fixin', hit heads and fill caskets, too many bad eggs in one basket, headlong into HELLISHNESS...