Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 31
"Voyage to Infinity"

October 31
The Fire Awaits You
(R.I.P. Records, 1997)

So, I debated what songs I could post for Halloween. The first that came to mind were "It's Halloween" by The Shaggs or "Halloween" by The Dream Syndicate.

Too obvious, I thought.

Then, it hit me! I should post a song by October 31! I first heard them on the Metal Injection compilation CD, which I bought because it had exclusive tracks by Internal Void and Shine. So here's a track from their woefully out-of-print debut album. I should add, since I used it for a tag, that I can't stand power metal, in general. Luckily, these fine fellows are an exception to the "if it's power metal, it sucks" rule.

You may now commence headbanging.

3 biased opinions:

James Von Sutekh said...

I sure hope you have a real good reason for failing to submit this one to the "worst Ever Cover Art" thread on I-I mister!

Lightning Baltimore said...

Well . . . in my defense, I can find no such thread.



James Von Sutekh said...

It was quite a while back, I think it may have been on the old board.