Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Richard Leo Johnson
"More Than All the Stars in the Sky"

Richard Leo Johnson
The Legend of Vernon McAlister
(Cuneiform Records, 2006)

I was enticed into checking out Richard via a rave review of his first album, Fingertip Ship, in a Wayside Music catalog. They often get music at insanely cheap prices, and I've discovered many excellent artists for small monetary risk. I'm fairly certain Fingertip Ship set me back all of $4.

The Legend of Vernon McAlister is Richard's fourth album, and was recorded at home, in his attic, entirely with a 1930s National Duolian steel-bodied guitar. The guitar was given him as a gift, and he noticed scratched onto the steek back, "Vernon McAlister." He was so enamored of the guitar, he made up a backstory (i.e., the legend) for Vernon and recorded this fantastic album.

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