Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Vampyre Love"

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Vampyre Love
one-sided 7" single
(Outlaw Recordings, 2010)

RTX is Jennifer Herrema's post-Royal Trux venture. Former band mate Neil Hagerty went the more esoteric route while Jennifer went almost, but not quite, straight-up metal. This tune was released as a limited edition (200 numbered copies), one-sided 7" single, with an etching on the obverse. It was originally written and recorded by Pentagram, and appeared on their kick ass third album, Be Forewarned.

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horrox said...

wow - I was browsing around yr blog, saw this RTX post, thought, hey that's the same title as a pentagram song... it can't be... it is! never knew about this 7" before. ha.

Lightning Baltimore said...


Did you see the Ruins + 梅津和時 post?