Friday, October 15, 2010

The Corries
"Peggy Gordon"

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The Corries
The Very Best of The Corries
(EMI, 1990)

So a few months ago I was taking a shower whilst listening to the most recent Melvins album, The Bride Screamed Murder, for the first time. All of a sudden, as it approached the end, I heard a melody I knew I knew. Luckily, I was in the dry cycle by then and was able to listen more intently. After a few more moments, it hit me . . . it was a Scottish folk song that I knew via The Corries, whom I knew via my mother buying me a cassette of the above pictured CD when my 'rents went to Scotland for a trip eons ago. Yes, I loved it so much I bought it on CD and gave the tape back to my mother. Ain't I sweet?

I'm not always good with titles, but I knew it was one of the songs where they played these badass instruments of their own invention, the combolins. I grabbed the CD off the shelf that I was fairly certain contained the song in question (I'd purchased additional CDs by then), and there it was: "Peggy Gordon." Then I looked at the song titles on The Bride Screamed Murder and saw the last track was called "PG x 3" and all made sense, as they did three versions of it, essentially.

NOTE: A little research just now informs me that "Peggy Gordon" originally appeared on The Corries' 1972 album Sound the Pibroch.

NOTE 2: I've seen many record reviews refer to this as a traditional Canadian folk song; it is not. Buzz apparently heard it used in an Australian film, and Australia has been known to contain Scots in the past, like Bon Scott and the Young brothers.

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Biki said...

I do enjoy celtic music, but in keeping with my tastes, the faster ones are usually the ones that i love.

And yes, you are very sweet! Kissies!