Monday, October 4, 2010

Böhm ohne Köb
"South of Heaven"

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Böhm ohne Köb
South of Heaven
7" EP
(Nur Sch. Rec!, 1990)

Some people are so talented, they probably oughta be thrown in jail. Hans Platzgumer is one of those people, and he sings and plays guitar on this record.

OK, yeah, maybe that's a bit harsh.

I first heard of Hans when he was half of the Austrian indie metal duo (and future trio) H.P. Zinker, the first band to release a record on Matador Records. Prior to HPZ, he'd led, among others, the band KÖB, who released the album Wake Up Square! in 1988. In 1990, Hans and KÖB bassist Andreas Haller released this EP of Slayer covers, played on acoustic instruments and dosed with some nice dashes of free improvisation. The record was dedicated to Lissmo Köb, aka KÖB drummer Lissmo Knopfler.

Since the demise of H.P. Zinker, Hans has mostly worked in techno circles but has also branched out into soundtrack music and has recently written an opera.

NOTE: Nur Sch. Rec! is short for Nur Scheiss Records, i.e. Only Shit Records. tee hee hee

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