Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Jetsons
"Moon Madness"

The Jetsons
First Family on the Moon
(Hanna Barbera Records, 1965)

Calling the artist for today's song The Jetsons really is a misnomer. It's on my First Family on the Moon album, but there's no artist listed. I can tell you it's not that ham Jet Screamer, though!

I'm not sure when I got this album, but I remember taking it to school in first grade, so I've had it since at least 1969. I found it while looking through old stuff when I was in college, and took it back to school with me. This song was so great, my old hardcore band decided to cover it in the early/mid-80s.

One thing I find really interesting about this tune is it's a rocker and is pretty genuine sounding for the time. Usually, any time rock'n'roll was presented on a kids' show back then, it was all horn charts and sounded fake fake fake. Like, for example, when Jan Brady would run with her little transistor radio to play some great new tune for the rest of the Bunch . . . and it would SUCK.

2 biased opinions:

VirginiaM said...

And yet when Marsha played the same song, it was hot. Go figure.

Biki said...

I cant think of any 60's song that honestly appeals to me at all, and that includes this one. I would say that I suppose you just had to be there to "get" it, but dude your younger than me. So I guess will have to fall back on the i'm just a barbarian theme, huh?