Monday, July 26, 2010


(Invitation, 1989)


  • 割礼 = Katsurei = Circumcision
  • ネイルフラン = Neirufuran = Nail Franc (??)
  • 太陽の真ん中のリフ = Riff in the Middle of the Sun

I won a CD by 黒百合姉妹 on eBay a few years back. I asked the seller if he had anything else on the SSE Communications label, and, in fact, he did. I bought every title he had that I didn't own already. When the package arrived, from France, I found that he'd tossed in a CD by 割礼, Live9091, as he didn't know who they were (the band name was written only in Japanese). It turned out to be really cool, so I started looking for more and won this one in an auction on Yahoo! Japan. They have a bunch more, but almost everything is out of print. Actually, until the beginning of this year, everything was OOP. Early in the year, their first record, Paradise K, was reissued in a deluxe version with a lot of bonus material. Then, last month, they released their first new album since, I think, 2003: 『星を見る』. It's fantastic.

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