Thursday, October 14, 2010

Union Made
"Save the World"

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Union Made
Save the World
7" single
(Anti-Trust Records, 1999)

After The Outer Limits, vocalist Snake decided to leave Canadian cyber/thrash metal warriors Voïvod and strike out on his own. After a few years, he emerged with his new combo Union Made and released this limited edition (500 copies) 7" single. There was allegedly also a CDR with the two songs from the single and, I think, six more, but I never found a copy.

A couple of years after this single's release, Voïvod suffered a horrible van crash while on tour, and replacement vocalist Eric Forrest was badly injured. He decided to leave the band and Snake returned for their excellent, eponymous reunion album, of sorts. Forrest had also replaced bassist Blacky, who was not interested in returning, so Jason Newstead, ex-Metallica, joined up on bass. Tragically, while preparing for their third album with Snake back in the fold, guitarist Piggy passed away due to cancer.

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