Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Maureen Tucker
"Will You Love Me Tomorrow?"

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Maureen Tucker
Around and Around
7" single
(Trash Records, 1981)

Maureen (Moe) was, of course, the drummer for The Velvet Underground (as the sleeve proudly proclaims). By the early 1980's, she was a mom and living in Phoenix, Arizona. In 1981, she released a delightful album of mostly cover songs called Playin' Possum. Recorded in her living room "between diaper changes," it presented Moe singing and playing everything; she even released it on her own label, Trash Records. As is often the custom, a song was culled from the album for release as a single: Chuck Berry's "Around and Around." The Shirelles' 1960 smash hit "Will You Love Me Tomorrow?" was the non-LP b-side, and I actually like it more than everything on the album, which I also happen to love.

These days, she lives in Douglas, GA. She came to see The Raveonettes play in Atlanta a few years ago on her birthday, in fact. I saw her in the crowd and wished her a happy birthday. She seemed quite surprised at being recognized, so I guess I was the only one to do so. She was also very sweet. ^_^

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Devil Dick said...

this has eluded me forever.... must have.

Biki said...

ok yeah i know, i voted twice my sister in law was listening with me and she loved it and of course i hated it. so you gots a twofer bud!