Monday, November 1, 2010

Les Sales Combles
"Papa Bricole"

Les Sales Combles
Les Salles Vides
12" EP
(self-released, 1989)

Some friends and I stayed at the apartment of Christian "Dodo" Addor for a night back in 1990. In the morning, I was chatting with him and looking through his record collection when Débile Menthol came up (I think I spied their albums on his shelf). I only knew his first name at that point, so I had no idea he was a member!

Well, I turned into gushing fan boy and told him I had both of their albums and the live tape. He said he didn't even have a copy of that tape and joked "Maybe you have mine?" Then he gave me a copy of this record, the debut of his new group Les Sales Combles. Super nice guy!

They released a full length CD, De fond en combles, after this EP, and it is not an easy thing to find. I started looking for one when I found out about it in the mid/late '90s, and it took me 'til 2007 to find one! 'Tis a wonderful little album.

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