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5 x 7" single box set
(Dacoit, 1983)

The Nurses were yet another great band from my DC-area teenagerhood. Vocalist/bassist Howard Wuelfling has been in a number of bands over the years, and currently runs the PR firm Howlin Wuelf Media. In addition to the Nurses, he was most notably a member of the best band in the history of music, Half Japanese, and also The Slickee Boys.

The Nurses released four singles and three tapes (and appeared on some compilations) during their tenure, from December 1978 through May of 1981, when guitarist Marc Halpern tragically died from a heroin overdose. "D.Y.F." was the fourth of those singles, released posthumously (with a cover shot of Howard dancing on Marc's grave). I don't own any of the singles individually, but I do own this nifty little box set which collects those singles, plus a bonus Christmas single by The Rheind Dears, who featured Howard. I highly recommend it, but it was an edition of 50 copies (mine is 16!), so finding it may not be easy.

Luckily, two of the tapes, Disconcerted and Studious Behavior, were issued by Messthetics (same folks that did the Gods Gift Pathology disc) on CDR as Destroy Your Friends. The third tape, Noises, remains lost to the sands of time (not counting the 100 copies that were made, and YES, I WANT ONE!).

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