Friday, August 20, 2010

Gods Gift

Gods Gift
Gods Gift
7" EP
(Newmarket Records, 1979)

We got Gods Gift's single Discipline at my college radio station back in the early 1980s. It was a big, thick slice of post punk, with chanted vocals and ugly fuzz guitar built on a bed of repetitious, throbbing groove, and I loved it. On the back, there was a note that it was their third record, but no info on the first two.

Fast forward to the days of the internet and search engines, and, after considerable effort and time, I finally managed to track down the second record, a four song 12" EP, and their debut, a self-released three song 7" EP. Today's song is the b-side of that first 7".

Last year, Messthetics released a cool compilation of stuff by Gods Gift called Pathology. Material from all three records, plus stuff from two cassettes I didn't even know about, is included. Today's song, however, is one of the ones left off. So, here you go!

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