Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Five Days"

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Five Days
7" single
(Whittier Records, 1988)

Dragnet sprang from the ashes of Man Sized Action, sorta. OK, not really. Bassist Kelly Linehan was a member of both groups, but that's it. MSA were more post punk than power pop, and, obviously, Dragnet were more power pop than post punk. The a-side of this 45 was also featured on the album that followed, Life in General. The cover for the single is much cooler, however, so that's what ya' get. I think there was another 45, as well, that I've never found.

3 biased opinions:

Brushback said...

The record cover looks like you drew it.

Lightning Baltimore said...

I can't tell you how hurt I am.

I would never draw people playing such tiny amps!

Biki said...

I love the cover! Kinda cute, ya know? And the song isn't bad either!