Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Dresden Dolls
"War Pigs"

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The Dresden Dolls
War Pigs
digital EP
(The All Blacks B.V., 2004)

I saw The Dresden Dolls play an in-store at a local record store when they were touring for their first album. Actually, it was more of an out-of-store, as they played in the parking lot. At some point, Amanda (vocals and piano) announced they were going to play "an American classic." I wasn't really sold on them at that point, so I chuckled derisively to myself at her egregious error, when it turned out she meant this lil' tune. As it turned out, though, their version killed.

Anyhow . . . I signed up for iTunes back in 2007, so I could get the iTunes-only, live EPs from Mission of Burma and Yo La Tengo. I decided to poke around and see what other groups had exclusive stuff on that infernal thing (I'm not the biggest download fan) (I'm strictly OG), and it turned out The Dresden Dolls, whom I'd grown to like quite a bit, had three exclusive EPs, including the one with today's selection. I downloaded all three, and I'm glad I did. The next time I checked iTunes, all three were gone!

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Biki said...

ok, vie never heard of this song before, by any artist. LOL but what else is new for the barbarian of music?

This song has its moments of really getting with it. The piano rocks! Strong and really pounded out!