Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Von Trap Family
"No Reflexes"

Before Nick Salomon made a name for himself with his fantastic, psychedelic, (usually) solo project The Bevis Frond, he played in at least a couple of bands. The Von Trap Family released just this one lil' EP (the first release on Nick's Woronzow imprint), but it's a mighty nice slab o' wax. While the full-on psychedelia of The Bevis Frond was still a few years away, there are certainly some elements here, especially in Nick's extended guitar solo.

After the traps came Room 13, but I've yet to find a copy of their lone 12" EP. Any help?

1 biased opinion:

Biki said...

the start was kinda shaky, but after a bit, this song totally rules!