Monday, September 13, 2010

Queens of the Stone Age
"18 A.D."

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This was the first release under the Queens of the Stone Age nom de rock. There had been a 7" single released under the name Gamma Ray, but it turned out some German power metal band or something already had that name, so they changed it. This song's never appeared anywhere else and that's a darn shame. So, here it is appearing now.


7 biased opinions:

Devil Dick said...

Ha! You should have posted the Slap Rocket track! That was my old band!!!

Lightning Baltimore said...

I could almost have Devil Dick Week!

Social Decay
Prunella Scales

Anything else?

Biki said...


Devil Dick said...

how in the world do you know about all that crap????

Brushback said...

Really, that's kinda scary.

Lightning Baltimore said...

It's his own dang fault! I saw Solace when they played at the first Stoner Hands of Doom festival back in '99; I'd never heard of them before.

I actually already had the Prunella Scales CD at that point, however, as I'm a Skid Row fan, and Rachel Bolan was in PS. Plus, how could I not want to check out a band named for Sybil Fawlty?

Godspeed, he told me about.

As for Social Decay, he sent me a 7" EP they did a few years back.

I'd not known he was in Slaprocket 'til he mentioned it in the comments. There are no band members listed in the booklet, but it does, indeed, look like him in the tiny photo in the booklet.

And, there you have it.


Devil Dick said...

HA!!!! Now i know!!! i thought so but wasn't sure!!! i also did a brief stint in Sugartooth and was in Misanthropy and Robot Dicks!!!
I can send you some of that crap if needed? well wanted, non of it is "needed"....