Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Findells
"Breaking into People's Cars"

The Findells
The Radiators Are Bleeding
(self-released, 1983)

My roommates my third year of college, Dale and Maynard, were big fans of The Findells, but I never saw them, though they were somewhat local, being from tiny Staunton, VA (20 or so miles away). I vaguely remembered hearing and liking the song "Parking Meters," so when I found a copy of this album six or seven years later, I snapped it up, and I'm mighty pleased I did.

I decided to see if I could find any more info about them on-line a few years ago, and discovered they were still around! They've released three CDs in the last 15 years or so: Naked & Blue, Finland, and Lost in Paradise. They're a bit more laid back than this song, but all fantastic. The two most recent have been amongst my favorites of their respective years of release, in fact.

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Biki said...

Interesting. Ok for a listen now and then, but not sure i would want to make a constant diet on it.