Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Puka Puka Brians
"It's Too Late"

Puka Puka Brians
Puka Puka Brians
7" EP
MajiKick, 1996

You may have heard of the Japanese group Tenniscoats. They're essentially a wife and husband duo, Saya Source and Ueno Takashi, plus guests. Before Tenniscoats, though, there was Puka Puka Brians. Well, I'm assuming so, since the first PPB release came two years before the first from TCs ('94 vs '96).

Anyhow, the impression I get is Tenniscoats are Saya's band, and Puka Puka Brians were Ueno's. I say were as they split sometime around 2005. This makes me sad.

Puka Puka Brians released this 7" EP and five albums:

  • Puka Puka Brians
  • Dubbing
  • A Sad Sound a Velvet Sound and a Happy Sound
  • Love Warrior
  • Pet Cemetary Sounds

Consider all of the above highly recommended.

Ueno also releases solo albums of guitar improvisation under his own name as well as under the alias Veno Tagashi.

Oh, and allegedly, "puka puka" is Japanese slang for floating, and "Brians" refers to Brian Jones, the Rolling Stone who drowned. Oh, my . . .

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Biki said...

Ok.......I really don't know what to say about this song. Its weird as fuck, but somehow strangely appealing.