Friday, September 17, 2010

Taylor Hollingsworth
"You're Lost"

Taylor Hollingsworth
Shoot Me, Shoot Me, Heaven
(Brash Music, 2005)

As free music rags go, Southeast Performer left a bit to be desired (it's still around, but now called just Performer. The writing was almost always atrocious, for example. On the other hand, I discovered a number of good musicians and bands via their pages. As you've likely guessed, Taylor Hollingsworth was one of those.

Shortly after reading about him, I came across this, his solo debut, in a bargain bin and decided to give it a risk. It's a cool mix of indie rock and more standard blues rock, and it closes with this monster. I like to think of it as Taylor's "Ain't It Fun" (written by in 1974 by Rocket from the Tombs but first recorded in 1977 by the Dead Boys, who featured some rocketeers).

3 biased opinions:

Biki said...

Is the picture on the album actually what he looks like? If so, he doesn't sound at all like he looks. Cause he looks like a pretty boy, but sounds like a guy who knows his way around a pack of ciggys and a bottle or two.

But anywho, I do love this song! Gritty and heartfelt.

Brushback said...

Hey?!? This ain't that crappy dude from the Foo Fighters!?!

Lightning Baltimore said...

According to, that's Taylor Hawkins.

In addition, having seen both live, I can attest that he was not on stage when I saw the FFs (QotSA opened, hence my presence).