Friday, September 3, 2010

"Death on the Installment Plan"

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Santa Lives in the White House
(self-released, 1991)

Some friends of mine formed a slammin' metal band before they scattered like the wind after graduation. OK, after one of them earned his doctorate and skipped town; I think the rest still live there . . . maybe. Mr. Dr. drew the lovely cover, and the name is pronounced "goatload."

\m/  ^_^  \m/

Before they split, they recorded this fine little tape. I had a tough time deciding between this one, the Thin Lizzy-esque "Pigeonhole," and the Judas Priest-y "Bent over Backwards." This puppy shares a title with a kickass book by Louis-Ferdinand Céline, though, so it wins! Sure, aside from the line "he wields a rusty kitchen knife," the song has almost nothing in common with the book.

Bite me!

Go pop in some cheesy-ass Iron Maiden if you want that!

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Biki Honko said...

not bad!

i love your emoticon! super cute!