Thursday, September 23, 2010

Juan-Pablo Cáceres
"La Orquesta"

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Juan-Pablo Cáceres
(Garrapata Discos, 2006)

I picked this up from the classical section when Tower Records was in the midst of closing a few years back. The cover art looked interesting, and the price was down to around $4, I think, so I decided to give it a risk. Once again, my gut feeling paid off, and it turned out to be a really cool, weird, and bizarre album.

Rather than try to describe it myself, I'll let Sr. Cáceres' website tell us the story:

'orquesta', a paradox in itself, an album of strictly acoustic sounds, but entirely produced in a computer. The composer wanted to approach electronic music from a different perspective, using algorithmic composition to sketch several sonic realizations, and based on the results, 'manually' craft each piece.
The album was constructed using hundreds of samples (generally of no more than one second each) of chamber instruments executing extended techniques. Each piece was then painstakingly hand crafted from these, without further processing of the samples. This straightforward approach required that each sound be place—by hand—in a metaphorically gigantic staff score on the computer screen. This procedure gives a wink to the beginnings of concrete music, but in this case using an unaltered acoustic instrumental source. The CD comprises individual compositions that explore either a sonority family or an instrumental behavior. 'orquesta' is a sonic and rhythmic reflection on the nature of contemporary music and its 'relation' with popular or electronic music.

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Biki said...

this is very experimental. and sounds like a film soundtrack for a thriller from the 60's