Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Spinto Band

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I was introduced to the music of The Spinto Band by Joel Alter, leader of the most excellent ensemble The Martha Dumptruck Massacre. I was the only person who showed up at their second Atlanta-area appearance (not their fault, it was a disreputable club that did no promotion whatsoever for touring bands), so he gave me this little record as a thanks. It was on the same label as MDM, Sleepglue, which I think was Joel's label.

Of the four songs present, Misogyny Is Cool was later re-released as a b-side on the CD single for Direct to Helmet, and Small Burg appeared on a Japanese compilation CD. The other two are, to the best of my knowledge, completely exclusive to this record. Both are good, but I prefer Atlantic to Leave This Town, so here it is.


Yes, MDM will be featured here sometime soon, too.

2 biased opinions:

Biki Honko said...

omg! i love this weird assed song! i don't know why. all i do know is that i love it!

Anonymous said...

Any chance for a listen to 'Leave This Town' ? I'd love to hear it!