Tuesday, August 17, 2010

"Better Days"

Winter Song
7" single
(Casablanca Record and Filmworks [Canada], 1977)

Angel's logo was the same right side up and upside down! How badass is that??? Especially to a budding teen with a thing for badass band logos!

They were my favorite band when I was 13/14 years old, after deciding Kiss sucked and before discovering Nektar. Of course, I decided at some point that Angel sucked, too, and sold all my records (I'd already given my Kiss records to my baby sister). As I got into my mid-30s or so, I started pining a bit for some of the music of my youth. I rebought all the Angel albums on CD, even Sinful, which I'd hated before.

I also repurchased stuff by AC/DC (Bon-era only), Iron Maiden (1st two albums), Jade Warrior, Judas Priest, Kiss, and Scorpions (up through Blackout), among others. But that's not important right now. Please, forget I said anything about it.

One Angel thing I'd not had before was this single, which I'd never heard about, not being a Canadian citizen in 1977, or any point before or after. Now, the A-side is just a song from their penultimate studio album, White Hot, but the b-side, presented here, has never been released anywhere other than Canada, to the best of my knowledge. The b-side on the US version of the single was just another track from the album.

Yes, I know a lot, if not most, of y'all will hate this song. Hopefully, though, at least one person won't, 'cause I don't.

3 biased opinions:

Biki Honko said...

is there supposed to be a song? and hellz yeah, its awesome coolness that their logo is same upside from downside up!

Anonymous said...

Angel always had, and always will rule! This song is just another excellent example of their fine musicianship and songwriting abilities. A great band that never received the audience or the critical acclaim that they deserved.

Anonymous said...

Angel sucks on gonorrhea-infected screaming shitholes - :)