Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Mi Ami
"African Rhythms" 

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I found Mi Ami's first album, Watersports, in a bargain bin. The cover photo of what looked like a gay Mummers' parade caught my eye, so I bought it. I loved it! It became one of my favorite albums of 2009, in fact. They strike me as a cross between the avant garde punk funk of The Pop Group and ___________________.

I did some research and found that, at that point in time, there were five 12" singles and EPs, in addition to the killer full-length. I found the two more recent than the album (Techno 1.1 and Cut Men) at a local record store, the third (Echononecho) at Amazon for a super cheap price, and the second 12" (Ark of the Covenant) at Goner Records' on-line shop, of all places. Their debut, however, eluded me. The fact tht it was a limited pressing of 400 copies didn't help, either!

I happened to mention on a message board that I was looking for it. A friend involved in independent music distribution read my post, and stuck a copy in a box he was putting together to ship to my favorite local record store that very day! So, here's the title track, in all its glory. Enjoy!

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