Sunday, August 15, 2010


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Extinct-O-Matic Compilation #1
7" compilation EP
(Extinctomatic Records, 199?)

Melts were a local band I heard about but never saw in the early/mid '90s in Atlanta. The bass player in the band I was in in '93/'94 tried to get us shows with them, but they always fell through. I didn't even know they'd ever released anyting 'til I came across their lone CD, Salicoutinäw, in a bargain bin years later. I've not seen another copy since, actually.

In addition to their CD, there was also a 7" single, "667," that was not difficult to track down, and this lil' four song compilation EP, which took me until just a couple of months ago to find. In fact, I bought it from the used 7" box at my fave local store the day it was put out for sale, or maybe the day after . . . whatever! I know D.Q.E. have many, many releases under their belts, but I have no idea who Peppermint Synapse or Firecracker were. Maybe there was an insert at some point, that was tossed before I found my copy. Who knows?

One thing I do know is Melts drummer Andrew Barker is now living in New York and is a well-respected free jazz drummer. After Melts, he became part of the Gold Sparkle Band, who released a cassette, a coupla 7"s and four CDs, before slimming down to the Gold Sparkle Trio for a couple of releases. I've not heard about anything in a long time, so I guess they are no more.

I just found a different cover for this compilation on Andrew's MySpace, so I thought I'd share it:

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