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The Scientists
 "Melodramatic Touch" 

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Rubber Never Sleeps
(Au-go-go, 1985)

Perth, Australia's The Scientists started out in 1978 as a punkish power pop group. They went through four line-ups, released a few records (a 7" single, a 7" EP, and an LP), did some touring, and split up.

They reformed in 1982 with a fifth line-up, a rather radically different new sound, and minus the The from the front end. The fact that one of the songs on their first 12" EP after the reformation, Blood Red River, was named "Rev Head" might give an inclining of their new influences (Martin Rev being half of the groundbreaking synth/punk duo Suicide).

We don't care about that today, however.

In addition to the three records released by The Scientists Mach II through IV, to use Deep Purple-speak, comes this cassette, released in 1985, containing six more songs recorded during this period. Three songs date all the way back to Mach I. This one, however, is one of the three recorded by Mach III. It's an original, to the best of my knowledge (there are lots of covers on the tape, but no writing credits), and has never been released elsewhere. The tape was limited to 1,000 copies, and is pretty smokin', imo. Luckily, some of the songs from it ended up on the Swampland: Birth of the Scientistscollection from a few years back; I still need to get that puppy.

NOTE: Looking for info for this lil' write-up, I found this massive and excellent discography.

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