Monday, August 2, 2010


(Marlin, 1978)

I found this one in the "New Arrivals" bin at my fave local record shop two or three years ago. I knew it couldn't possibly be the NWoBHM* band Quartz, despite never having heard either; it just didn't look like a metal record (it was also from 1978, just a bit too early to be NWoBHM).

It looked worth the risk, so I snatched it.


I slapped it on the victola when I arrived home and discovered it was a disco record; the first disco record I'd bought in my life, in fact. Except it sounds like a disco version of Magma. Unfortunately, side two is rather pedestrian disco.

They released a second album, Camel in the City, and it, too, was half really cool and half strictly dullsville.

Yes, this means I now own two disco records; oh, the shame!

*New Wave of British Heavy Metal

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Biki said...

im not really sure about this one. its ok, but im not sure i like it. does that make any sense?