Monday, August 9, 2010

 "Hymns for Savannah" 

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Hymns for Savannah
12" EP
(Eastern Works, 1984)

I picked this up because I'm a big fan of Masashi Kitamura, best known for leading the prog/post-punk band YBO². I'll likely be posting stuff by them at some point, in addition to his other groups Canis Lupus, Differance and The Spectremen.

This record came before all that, though. In addition to this EP, there's an LP called Prologue for Post Modern Music; some of it is dancey, like this, and side two is Philip Glass/Terry Riley-style, slowly shifting repetition. I like it, but don't play it all that often.

Other than what I've written here, I know nothing about Phonogenix, including whether or not they released more than just two records.

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Biki Honko said...

This song sounds like someone.......but i just cant put my finger on it, and its driving me nuts! Its kinda dreamy trippy. But interesting