Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Dynamite Master's Blues Quartet

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Dynamite Master's Blues Quartet was the original name of hard rockin' Japanese psychedelic bluesters DMBQ.

DMBQ's website is quite spartan at the moment, with just two listings for solo shows by leader Shinji Masuko, so I'm not sure if they're currently active or not. Regardless, their old site had a discography that left off what are generally thought to be their first three albums:

  • Dynamite Master's Blues Quartet (Less Than TV, 1994?)
  • EXP (Less Than TV, 1995?)
  • COG (¡Por Supuesto! Records, 1996)

I've seen interviews where they've referred to the eponymous CD on Less Than TV as their debut, but Sonic Distortion predates it by at least a few years; I'm not sure why all the secrecy, though. Then again, their later material is rather more psychedelic and out there, compared to this album. I like all their stuff, though, a good deal of which is, I believe, still in print.

There is no info in the booklet or tray card for Sonic Distortion, other than song titles, but the band members are easily recognizable from the photos. Unfortunately, this means I don't know if this is an original or a cover of a song I don't know. At least one song is definitely a cover, though;「いい娘だね」was a b-side by Japanese 60's psychedelic rockers the Jacks.

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Biki said...

I liked this one. Very interesting song. Hmm i think this will take a couple of listenings to, to fully appreciate it.