Monday, August 30, 2010

 "Barking at the Ants" 

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(Elektra Records, 1972)

I found this in the stacks at my college radio station ages ago; the rather colorful cover lept right out at me and clawed out my eyes. I know I played something from it at least once or twice on the air, and I never forgot the title of this little ditty. The fact that someone wrote on the cover that it was getting played too much probably helped.


When I found a copy in the used new arrivals bin at my fave local shop a coupla years ago, it soon became mine (within minutes, actually). Now that I've gone to the trouble of ripping this song from the LP, cleaning it up, photographing the cover, uploading everything, etc., I find that it was reissued on CD last year (click the album title above to go to the listing for it on Amazon). It's all pretty great, imo. Remember, Elektra brought us Love, The Stooges, the MC5, Queen, and a bunch of other great bands. The Doors, too, I guess.

Vocally, this reminds me fairly strongly of someone, but I've not been able to put my finger on it. Musically, I'd think Deep Purple had to be an influence, don't you?

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