Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Last
"Snake in the Grass"

The Last
Look Again
(unreleased, 1980)

This album was recorded with the intent of it being the The Last's second album, following their snazzy debut album L.A. Explosion! For a number of reasons, it ended up never making it past the test pressing stage. Click the album title above for the sad saga from the band themselves. Then, if you like, read the topic about it on their forum; both fans and members of the band get in on the action.

I appear to be one of the few fans who managed to snag one (via mailorder from California whilst living in Virginia, no less!), and, yes, mine includes the hideous, orange lyric insert (I decided to spare your eyes and not scan it). Today's tune is my favorite on the album, and one of my favorite tracks by the band, overall. For whatever reason, it was never recorded for a release that actually got . . . uh . . . released.

1 biased opinion:

Biki Honko said...

it had its moments of greatness, and then blah... then great!....then blah.... so im kinda on the fence with this one.