Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spahn Ranch
"Wonder and Perish"

Spahn Ranch
Thickly Settled
(Insight, 1987)

We got this one at my college radio station and I was pretty blown away. Unfortunately, the album gave no information beyond song titles and who produced it (Matt Wallace, best known for producing a buncha records by Faith No More and The Replacements). Until I found this MySpace page just now when doing this write-up, I didn't even know they were from Michigan; I'd just assumed California.

NOTA BENE: There's another Spahn Ranch that plays industrial dance music, I think. Seeing as most of their releases are/were on Cleopatra Records, I imagine they're probably best avoided.

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Sutekh the Destroyer said...

Good thing you provided the NB there - I was deeply puzzled why you would waste your time with Cleopatra's garbage, not to mention how they'd managed to release something a full five years before they existed!

Lightning Baltimore said...

Yeah, I was not pleased when I found out the "new" Spahn Ranch album in the early 90s was not the same group. I didn't know at the time that the name had Manson Family connections, so I had no idea it had potential to be used by multiple bands.

Bradley Horowitz said...

I was the guitarist for this band. I can answer any other questions you may have about us... Thanks for sharing!

(I also work with the blogger team at Google! Thanks for using blogger!)

Biki said...

this is dreamier than i usually like, but i find this song very appealing!