Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Reactions

The Reactions
Official Release
7" EP
(Reaction Records, 1980)

I love getting freebies when I buy stuff. Around 25 years ago, I think, I got the second 7" EP by The Reactions, The Reactions Love You, as a bonus when I bought something via mailorder. I wanna say it was in an order from Solid Eye, but don't hold me to that OK? Thanks.

It was a rockin' little slab of pop punk and was a most welcome surprise. The scant liner notes on the back indicated there was a previous record called Official Release, so on the hunt I went. I scored a copy and it was just as sweet. "Marianne" appeared on both EPs, for some reason. I prefer the earlier version, so here 'tis. Dig it, OK? Thanks.

UPDATE [Feb 21, 2012]: Cheap Rewards Records has released a full LP of archival material by The Reactions! You can stream the whole thing on their Bandcamp page (and it's pretty darn kickin'), plus you can order the LP direct from the label. Interestingly, the one song missing from the LP is this jukebox entry. You're welcome.

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Biki Honko said...

Totally rules! Hellz yeah!