Tuesday, November 16, 2010

MC Trachiotomy
"Ma Baby"

MC Trachiotomy
Robot Alien or Ghost
(Anal Log/Rhinestone Records, 1999)

I found this in the $1 bin at one of my fave local music emporiums several months ago. How could I possibly pass up something that strange looking? And strange it did, indeed, turn out to be! There are beats, and vocalizations, and noise, and samples ranging from various tunes from Queen's News of the World to medical information on the color of normal urine. Today's song is actually one of the more coherent pieces.

He followed this with the slightly more musical ...w/Love from Tahiti. After that, it gets sketchy. He mentions stuff on his MySpace that I've not been able to find, and some stuff seems to have been partially released. The latter being a seven song EP with Quintron called Rowdy Life. It was announced as a limited edition 12" EP from New York Night Train Recordings, but I can find no evidence that it was actually released in that format. My copy is a CDR that I found in a bargain bin a few weeks ago at another of my favorite local record shops.

3 biased opinions:

Ambassador MAGMA said...

I remember this guy! I don't think I've actually heard his music before but he definitely crawled out of New Orleans... at least it definitely sounds like it.

Biki Honko said...

I love this mishmash! I'm not real sure why, but love it i do!

Anonymous said...

MC Trachiotomy is a Wizard Dude. Acid Sage.