Thursday, November 18, 2010

Canis Lupus

Canis Lupus
(Alter Deep Connect, 1989)

As with the previously-featured Phonogenix, I picked this up because I'm a big fan of Masashi Kitamura, best known for leading the band YBO². After they split, he started Canis Lupus. Now, YBO² had always mixed proggish tendencies with their punk and post punk influences, but Canis Lupus upped the ante and went full-on, hard prog. Today's song is the lead track from their second album, the brilliantly named II. Yes, that was sarcasm. On the other hand, their first was named 1. Their third and final album, however, was entitled Aqua Perspective, and was the only one to appear on longplaying CD rather than longplaying vinyl.

After the demise of Canis Lupus, Kitamura fired up Differance (yes, they misspelled it), who released two full-length CDs, a CD EP, and a CDR of live tracks and various other odds-and-ends, all on Kitamura's own SSE Communications label. They dialed back the prog a bit plus introduced some drone and folk elements (they covered the Third Ear Band on the EP!). You can be assured they will be featured here at some point.

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Biki said...

Longest song ever! Well, not really. It was....interesting. But i sure didn't get the baby crying thing at the end.