Saturday, November 6, 2010

"Face Forward"

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Conquest for Death
(Touch and Go Records, 1983)

Greg Anderson and Stephen O'Malley are seen here fighting over the name for their future band. Luckily, Crate and Peavey both lost; Pignose or Sovtek mighta been interesting, though.

The Necros were one of the first hardcore bands in the midwest, specifically Ohio, which isn't all that mid or west, but it's not my call. Conquest for Death was their fourth release (after two 7" EPs and a 7" single) and first full-length. "Face Forward" has long been my favorite track, and fave Necros song, overall.

After this album, bassist Corey Rusk left the group to run Touch and Go Records full-time. The band got a new bassist and went in a considerably more metal direction for a few years then split.

Unfortunately, despite most early Touch and Go releases getting the reissue treatment, no plans have yet been announced regarding reissuing the Necros catalog.

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