Monday, July 19, 2010

 "Running with the Beast" 

Running with the Beast
(Excelsior Recordings, 2008)

I've got a thing for two-piece bands; I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Should I be?

Regardless, I read that zZz were playing at a local club a few years back and remembered that I'd seen their debut album, Sound of zZz, in the bargain bin at a local store. I drove there on my lunch break, bought the CD, loved it, went to see them that night, was blown away.

Unfortunately, this album, the follow-up, was not released in the USA. I ended up buying it direct from the label in The Netherlands, hence the signatures of the band members, Björn (vocals, drums) and Daan (organ, synths), on the cover.

Interesting observation: zZz and dälek made the floor of The E.A.R.L. shake more than any metal band I've ever seen there. They were both CRUSHING.

1 biased opinion:

Biki said...

very hard driving song, with rather floaty vocals. not real sure i like the vocals..........but then the sloggy middle part shows up, and the song just loses the drive and its way as well. So if im going to rate this one? umm about a 5