Wednesday, July 21, 2010


(Beacon Records, 1970)

Did you know Michael Bolton used to play guitar in UFO?

Well, he didn't; it was a dude named Mick Bolton. When Michael Bolton's debut album was released in the early/mid-80s, though, I was not the only person who wondered if it was the same guy. Nor was I the only one disappointed to find it was not.

A lot of folks like to rag on UFO's first three albums. Some pinheads, like critic Martin Popoff, claim UFO was short for Unbelievably Fucking 'Orrible. Of course, in the same book where he wrote that, he rated Thin Lizzy's Renegade as one of their best albums, when, out here in the real world, it was, without doubt, the nadir of their career.

So, anyhow, pre-Michael Schenker, UFO were more spacey and rumbly. This is my favorite song from their very cleverly titled debut album.

You know what's really weird? When I saw the Scene Creamers several years ago, the guitarist's playing reminded me of both Mick Bolton and Michael Schenker.

2009 saw the release of UFO's 20th studio album (with Vinnie Moore, lead guitarist number, um, nine?), The Visitor; it's a keeper!

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Biki said...

this song was very listen-able. was worried about the michael bolton reference tho..... kinda 60's though, so not really my choice