Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MX-80 Sound
 "Someday You'll Be King" 

MX-80 Sound
Someday You'll Be King
7" single
(Ralph Records, 1980)

Crap . . . not enough time to do a proper write-up. I'll try to get it done before the day is done.

3 biased opinions:

Biki said...

love this song!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! This is superb - in fact, the first 3 MX-80 rekkids are all incredible.

Lightning Baltimore said...

Hey Anon!

I have an MX-80 Sound super rarity coming up at some point; it's ripped and uploaded, just not scheduled yet, as I didn't want to repeat a band so soon after starting this thing.


If you dig the early stuff, you must check out Das Love Boat and Live at the Library, if you're not aware of them already.