Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kelley Stoltz
 "Dead John" 

Kelley Stoltz
Australia - It Speaks for Itself
(self-released?, 2003)

So I'd never heard of this guy before I went to see his set at SXSW in 2006. The friend I was with wanted to go, 'cause an old mutual friend* was playing guitar with Kelley, at the time.

I ended up being pretty impressed and started buying what I could find when I got home. In addition to his three releases on SubPop, there are a bunch of releases on smaller labels; today's selection is from one of those. Despite the cover art saying "LP," it's a CD-only release. Then again, "LP" is just an acronym for long play, as opposed to "EP," which stands for extended play, so a CD can also be an LP, technically. I still tend to say LP, though, when referring to 12" vinyl records of a full-length duration.

There's also a lathe-cut LP from that same tour, I think. I don't have that one, and I WANT ONE! If you have a copy, gimme it. Now.

*Sean Coleman, whose band from 20 years ago, White Bread, may one day be featured here, if I can get setup to rip stuff from cassettes, I hope.

3 biased opinions:

bml64 said...

Way cool -- I have to buy a Kelly Stoltz album or two. Where do you suggest starting?


Lightning Baltimore said...

Glad you liked it! I'd recommend starting with his first full-length on Sub Pop, Below the Branches. It wasn't his first album, but the earlier ones are out of print and not too cheap on eBay or Amazon.

Biki said...

i listened to this song twice! and the decision is......i like it!