Thursday, October 25, 2012

Myles of Destruction
"Moth Curiosity"

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Years ago, there was a Yahoo! group called QueerMetal. I think. Hey, it's been a while, OK? I vaguely remember Myles Donovan posting there and talking a bit about his band, but it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I finally heard them, when I stumbled across a used copy of their split 7" EP with noisesters Abiku. Both sides of the record were pretty neat, so I sought out more by each.

Aquarius Records in San Francisco turned out to have a few Myles of Destruction CDRs listed on their site, so I ordered what they had. It happened that they were actually sold out of everything, but they contacted Myles and he found copies of today's jukebox parent and an earlier EP, Doom Town. All four songs on the latter were redone for Running Only Makes the Fire Worse., and, while they were already good, they were definitely improved.

It's not an easy task, sometimes, trying to genre-fy an artist, and guitarless trio Myles of Destruction are one of the tougher ones! The fuzz bass and drumming are rather aggressive, while the violin work brings to (my) mind, East European folk music. So, I've coined a new term: gyspy grind. Interestingly, the vocals remind me very strongly of the band Asa Nisi Masa, whom I featured here earlier this year, and who shared the same instrumental modus operandi: vocals, violin, bass, drums.

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Biki said...

It does have a gyspy vibe to it, along with a healthy dose of halloween. I'm not sure if I like this or not.....Its original thats for sure, and no thats not a put down, ok?