Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Zulus

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Human Sexual Response were fronted by openly gay lead vocalist & lyricist Larry Bangor, but I already featured them a couple of years ago.

After HSR split, Bangor, along with guitarist Rich Gilbert and drummer Malcolm Travis, went on to start The Zulus. I've not heard their first 12" EP, but I have their (lone?) album, Down on the Floor, and it rocks. Their sound was more hard rock than the new wave/post punk of Human Sexual Response, but bein' a rocker, I'm not complaining. I suppose one could call them proto-grunge, as the rise of grunge (I hate that genre name) came around 1990. They're still perhaps a bit too arty to be grunge, though.

Oh, whatever!

The future-openly-gay Bob Mould, past-openly-of Hüsker Dü, produced Down on the Floor, and Malcolm Travis went on to pound the skins in Mould's next ensemble de rock, Sugar.

I was just doing some research for this post, and discovered that Human Sexual Response are playing a reunion show at The House of Blues in their home of Boston on November 10! Man, I wish I could go. If you're in the area, or feel like travelling, tickets can be purchased on-line here.

Appropo of nothing, here's a picture of my foot at a Hüsker Dü show in 1983.

3 biased opinions:

Biki Honko said...

Arty? How on earth is this arty? Decent song, i think it needs a highway, the windows rolled down, a hot day, good friends and going no where in particular.

Lightning Baltimore said...

I meant the album as a whole when I said arty. :)

Anonymous said...

They remind me of a cross between U2 and Zeppelin. I had this album back in the day. "Never Again" was pretty big on alternative radio here in Florida.