Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Limp Wrist
"I Love Hardcore Boys, I Love Boys Hardcore"

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Limp Wrist
Thee Official Limp Wrist Discography
(Arashikage Records/Cheap Art Records/Golden Shower Records/Lengua Armada, 2005)

Biki asked for some punk the other day, so here some is.


I was late to the party on Limp Wrist. I didn't hear about them 'til they'd already been split up for a few years, though they're apparently now back together. I'd seen them mentioned a few times as a slammin' queercore band when I happened across their CD Thee Official Limp Wrist Discography in a bargain bin. Naturally, I snapped it up for home listening.

Now, I'd heard a few queercore bands and most of what I'd heard was on the pop-punk side, like Pansy Division, whom I featured during last year's LGBT History Month. Limp Wrist, on the other hand, sounded like they came raging straight right outta the early 80s: raw, angry, fast as hell, and loud as a very, very bad word.

Listening to this CD makes me all the more bummed I missed out on them back then. Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll hit the road to my town one day. Fingers crossed!

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Biki Honko said...

I found this group late on night, while trolling about in youtube. the name is what led me to listen to em, but the sound held me. Its been a few years since i last listened to em, but man, what a total kick to the brain, a welcome kick i might add.


Music to relax to. and no, totally not pulling your chain, leg, or whatever. this stuff calms me down...mellow time.