Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Mi Ami
"Ark of the Covenant"

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Ark of the Covenant - Ark of the Covenant - Single

Mi Ami
Ark of the Covenant
12" single
(Lovers Rock, 2008)

Mi Ami are another group I've featured previously on the jukebox, with the title track from their debut 12" EP, African Rhythms. I'd apologize, but . . . no, to heck with it . . . I shan't!

Today's tune is the A side of their second 12" record, Ark of the Covenant (the b-side is a trippy, dubby version). While it might be ever so slightly less frantic than African Rhythms, it's certainly not by much. They're in the spotlight this month as at least one, and possibly all, of them is/are openly gay. They're also just plain fierce.

Since this record was released, there have been some changes. Bassist Jacob Long left the group after the release of two full-length albums and three more 12" records, thereby slimming Mi Ami down to the duo of Damon Palermo and Daniel Martin-McCormick. They still kick up a great, dancey fuss, however, on their two releases since the slimmin': the limited-edition 12" EP Dolphins and their 2012 full-length Decade.

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