Tuesday, October 9, 2012


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Twink - Self-Titled + Outtakes

(No Idea, 2002)

Floor are another band I missed out on the first time 'round. Luckily, after splitting in 1996, they reconvened in 2001 with a new drummer and a new take on their brand of extremely heavy sludge: vocalist/guitarist/leader Steve Brooks decided to experiment with singing melodically, rather than barking out the lyrics as on their earlier recordings. This annoyed some long-time fans, who took to message boards and the like to express their ire about the new, gay vocal style. The joke was on them, though, as Steve came out as gay around the same time.


Tragically, Steve's boyfriend was killed in a horrible car accident while Floor were on tour on the other side of the country. The loss threw him into a tailspin, naturally, and the band never recovered. Steve eventually bounced back, though, with his new combo Torche, who are every bit as kick ass.

Floor got together for a short series of reunion shows a couple of years ago, and I was lucky enough to attend the second one. Since the band had gone through a few different line-ups, they played three different sets, with three different assemblages playing material contemporary to each. It was incredible. The two shows in Atlanta were filmed and recorded for a double-DVD set, Sight & Seen, released by Chunklet. If you watch closely during the version of today's song from the second night, you can see my right fist pumping away furiously in the air.

Today's jukebox selection, Twink, is my favorite from their eponymous, second-to-be-recorded-but-first-to-be-released album. For those not in the know, a twink is a young (18 to 25) gay man with smooth skin and minimal body hair.

NOTA BENE: In conjunction with the above-mentioned reunion shows, Robotic Empire released a massive box set, Below & Beyond, containing everything Floor ever recorded. Consider it highly recommended!

1 biased opinion:

Biki said...

I like his vocalizations. Not quite sung, not quite spoken, loads of emotion. Cool song, I listened to it twice, back to back.

What a load of twat the haters were for not liking their new style. I hate it when bands evolve from album to album and for some unknown reason, the fans take it personally. They dont get a vote, they are not members. Well, they may own members, but not are a member....ok i'll quit now