Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Asa Nisi Masa
"Hand of Glory"

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Asa Nisi Masa
Asa Nisi Masa
(self-released, 1995)

Not much I can tell you about these folk, sadly. I remember hearing the name years ago, but I never saw them live. They were from Athens, which is about an hour away from me, and this was their sole release. I didn't even know they had released anything until I found this in a dollar bin at a local store on Record Store Day a few years back.

What I can tell you is they sported an unconventional line-up of vocals, bass, violin, and drums, and Michael Stipe of R.E.M. was a fan; he co-produced a couple of songs on this.

I suppose I could also tell you I love dollar bins, but that wouldn't likely be a big shock or anything.


2 biased opinions:

Biki said...

i cant decide if i love this, or hate it....

Eric said...

I lived in Athens, GA from 1992 - 1999 and saw them many time in the early to mid 90s. I've always enjoyed this CD and am happy to see you post it, as I was looking for the cover art. For some reason the first time I heard TV on The Radio I thought of Asa Nisi Masa. Something about the vocal tones seem similar. Cheers!