Sunday, April 29, 2012

Teen Wheat
"Le Monte de Christo"

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Teen Wheat
Teen Wheat vs. Old Wheat
(Dead Medium Records, 2004)

Not much I can tell you about Teen Wheat, sadly. Well, I can tell you one of the members worked at the local club The E.A.R.L. back then (and still does today, as he was working the door at the Jucifer show I attended recently). I saw them a couple of times last decade, and they were a relentless bulldozer of punk rock goodness.

Teen Wheat vs. Old Wheat was their only release.

I love it.

'Nuff said.

2 biased opinions:

Biki said...

I keep forgetting, for some unknown reason, how much I love punk. Until I hear some, and then I'm in love all over again. I love the rawness of the music, the driving beat, and the fact its not over produced, uber slick "music" that so much of what we listen to seems to be any more.

The Goldest said...

Thanks for posting. I am Kevin Wallace and the drummer on Teen Wheat vs. Old Wheat. The album lineup was Kevin Fitzgerald (guitar/ vocals), David Collins (guitar/ vocals) and Patrick Hill (bass/ booking agent at the EARL). After the album was released, I left the band and Jonathan Bradley (of Iron and Wine) replaced me.

I am very happy that you like the record. I too am quite fond of it.