Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hope for Agoldensummer

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In these troubling economic times, a lot of bands and record companies now give fans the option of purchasing new releases in advance, in order to raise the funds to make said release. Actually, it's not that new of an idea; Recommended Records was doing it back in the late 1970s, and others may have done so before them.

When Athens, GA folky rockers Hope for Agoldensummer (HFags, for short) came to record their second album, Ariadne Thread, they did one of these pre-order dealies. I and the other participants ponyed up $15 and, as a thank you, got a CDR of outtakes, live songs, etc. along with the album proper. Today's absolutely gorgeous song comes from it, and does not appear on any of their other releases. Well, they have a new album, Life Inside The Body, coming out on May 1st, and I cannot guarantee it does not appear there. As always, please, no lawsuits.

NOTA BENE: Though she doesn't play it on this tune, co-leader/founder Claire Campbell is a master of one of my absolute favorite musical instruments, the singing saw. She's in good company, as quite possibly the sexiest woman to ever walk the face of the Earth*, Marlene Dietrich, was also a practitioner.

*Of course, me being a gay man, my idea of a sexy woman might not be in sync with that of most people.

2 biased opinions:

Virginia M said...

I call shenanigans. She was saw-synching.

Biki said...

While I adore the saw playing, and think its way cool to make music out of something so work-a-day, the song you picked was just simply horrid! ZOMG! I lasted about 8 seconds, and then had to bail.